Who is The RetailBoss?

 As a Cosmetology Instructor for 18 years I've always understood in order to be and effective teacher I had to understand the minds of the students I was instructed.

While putting myself in the shoes of others it allowed me to instruct not only with passion, but conviction and empathy. That's why I provide a the highest level of education. I teach strategic business principles (that are not taught in beauty school) with a combination of 20 plus years of experience in the beauty schools, and as a Salon Owner. My plan is to elevate this industry by continuing to educate, elevate, and celebrate you and your business.  


Ready for education? There are three ways to get started. 

Government Contracting For Beauty Pro's 4 week Course

This course is for barber and cosmetology professionals who desire to increase their revenue potential, this class will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to increase your sales through government purchase orders.  Homework assignment will be provide which will help you position and win government purchase orders and/or contracts.  Kinah and Curtis Merriweather, Jr. will serve as your guides to this new adventure in government contracting.  Combined, both Kinah and Curtis have more than two decades of experience providing a variety of products and services to the federal government.  

In this course, we will provide a bootcamp experience to give you to tools needed success register, market, bid, and perform within the federal space as a cosmetology product provider.  In this class, the student will learn the specific action steps needed to begin providing cranial prosthetic units  to federal end-customers while potentially creating life-long customers.  



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Monthly Membership

Join The RetailBoss University monthly Membership. You will have exclusive access to private classes pertaining to salon business structure, cultivating retail culture, staffing, customer service, client retention, team building, creating multiple streams of revenue for your business and so much more. 

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Virtual Online Courses

These courses are  for the business owners or stylist who are looking for more advanced education. You will have the ability to choose from a variety of course selections that are geared specifically for your needs.

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